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Hey, My name's Alex. I'm 21. I'm from New Jersey. I post things. I also voice act and cosplay You can check out my voice acting tag if you'd like, just click "+ more". Feel Free to drop me a message and say 'hi"
Fandoms I am in:
-Tokusatsu(mostly Kamen rider)
-Dangan Ronpa
-Tiger & Bunny
-Kill la KIll
- Attack on Titan
-Homestuck (kinda)
- and tons of other shit.



The Glory of Utchy’s Shinobi Change must be shared.


x legendary x

I completely neglected the fact that Gundam has rings. So I literally had to make them out of metal tape, because I’m not really going to have time tomorrow and I still need to pack for zenkai. 

I forgot I downloaded Digimon Tamers, I should watch that. 

AND cromartie

AND Goseiger

AND Symphogear ? I don’t even remember downloading that but i should probably watch it. 

One day I will make a custom Muffin Lockseed. I’m never going to cosplay Peco, but I need it. 



watch this #important


engiffy-serce replied to your post: “Dear people who can eat pizza,  fuck you. ”:
i don’t understand. how are you still living??

I’m dead inside 

YOU KNOW KOUTA, maybe if you stopped fucking with Yggdrasil so much they wouldn’t have to spend as much money repairing their shit which means they could probably use that money to make more drivers and save the shitty people you care so much about ! 

Dear people who can eat pizza, 

fuck you.