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Filthy Acts At A Reasonable Price

Hey, My name's Alex. I'm 21. I'm from New Jersey. I post things. I also voice act and cosplay. Feel Free to drop me a message and say 'hi"
Fandoms I am in:
-Tokusatsu(mostly Kamen rider)
-Dangan Ronpa
-Tiger & Bunny
-Kill la KIll
- Attack on Titan
-Homestuck (kinda)
- and tons of other shit.

Hesei Kamen Rider Ask Meme

1. Kuuga- What is one obscure talent you have ?
2. Agito- What household chores do you enjoy ?
3. G3/G3X- Is there anything that you feel is your duty to accomplish
4. Gills- Did something ever happen to you that made you unable to do something that you loved doing ?
5. Another Agito- Are you close with your siblings ? (This is also a really bad joke)
6. Ryuki- If you had one wish, what would it be ?
7. Knight- Even if you accomplished your goals, would you keep trying to help your friends accomplish theirs?
8. Scissors- Have you ever done anything that goes against your better judgment?
9. Zolda- Do you prentend to be friends with people you actually hate ?
10. Raia- Are you good at reading people ?
11. Gai- Have you ever tried to blackmail anyone ?
12. Ouja- Would you murder someone if you knew you could get away with it ?
13. Odin- are you good at manipulating people ?
14. Tiger- Is there anyone you try to emulate ?
15. Imperer- Do you try hard to impress people ?
16. Faiz- Do you have a secret that would change everyone’s opinion of you if you told it ?
17. Kaixa- Do you try to help people even if it means that some people end up hating you ?
18. Delta- Do you ever wonder why you’re even here ?
19. Blade- How far would you go to save someone you care about?
20. Chalice- Is there anyone you just didn’t like at first, but eventually they became a good friends ?
21. Garren- Would you betray people you care about to save others ?
22. Leangle- Do you sometimes feel as if you’re not in control of your life ?
23. Hibiki- How hard do you train to accomplish something that you love doing?
24. Ibuki- Do you have any family traditions you feel obligated to uphold ?
25. Todoroki- Do you do anything that others consider unorthodox ?
26. Zanki- Do you consider yourself someone’s mentor?
27. Kabuto- How important are you grandparents to you?
28. Thebee- Do you consider yourself a perfectionist ?
29. Drake- How strong are you Maternal/Paternal instincts
30. Sasword- Do you have a friend who you think you’re closer to than you actually are.
31. Gatack- Do you feel like you have to keep up with your friends ?
32. Kickhopper- Do you feel like you have been wronged in some way ?
33. Punchhopper- are you a loyal person?
34. Den-o – If you could travel through time, where would you go ? Would you try to change anything ?
35. Zeronos- What food do you absolutely despise ?
36. Kiva- Are you a shy person? If so, what usually makes you come out of your shell ?
37. Ixa- Do you like to collect souvenirs ?
38. Saga- Is there something you don’t have that you think you deserve ?
39. Dark Kiva- Is there anything you inherit from your parents, whether it be a type of personality or something physical, or even a large sum of money ?
40. New Kiva- Is there anything that you were hyped up about at first, but it disappointed you completely?
41. Decade- If someone doesn’t like you, how hard do you try to get them to change their opinion of you?
42. Diend- What do you consider to be your greatest treasure?
43. W- Is there someone you consider your other half? (either platonically or romantically)
44. Accel- don’t ask this one.
45. OOO- Do you try to live a simple lifestyle?
46. Birth- What is the most extreme thing you would do for a million dollars ?
47. Fourze- How easy is it for you to make friends?
48. Meteor- Do you act differently with different groups of friends ?
49. Wizard- Is there something or someone who helps you remain hopefully even when you feel like there is nothing else?
50. Beast- What is your favorite food.
51. White Wizard- Do you like to observe problematic situations from afar and wait to get involved or confront them immediately ?
52. Gaimu- Are you looking forward to anything ?
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